Bennett's Early American Ancestors

and How They Got Here

Southern Branch

Bennett's first American ancestors lived in the Virginia area for ten thousand years. At first they used spears to hunt animals, then bows and arrows, fishnets, and farming. Bennett's 11th great grandfather, Wahunsunacock, Chief Powhatan, ruled his land called Tenakomakah, where Virginia is now. Then the white men came.

In 1609, Bennett's 10th great grandfather John Rolfe sailed from England aboard the ship Sea Venture, which was shipwrecked in Bermuda by a terrible storm. The colonists built new boats from the wreckage, and finally arrived at Jamestown in 1610. There John Rolfe met and married Bennett's 10th great grandmother, Pocahontas, daughter of mighty Chief Powhatan. Her real Indian name was Matoaka, but before she married, she was baptized and took Rebecca as her Christian name.

Northern Branch

Bennett's 10th great grandfather Thomas Rogers and his son Joseph sailed from England with the Pilgrims on the ship Mayflower. They landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, in 1620, and founded Plymouth Colony. The next year, they celebrated the harvest by having a feast with the Indians, who had helped them, which is remembered as our Thanksgiving holiday.

Bennett's descent from Pocahontas: Bennett's descent from the Pilgrims:
     m. John Rolfe 1585-1622
1. Thomas Rolfe 1615-? 
     m. Jane Poythress
2. Jane Rolfe ?-1676 
     m. Col. Robert Bolling 1646-1709
3. Col. John Bolling 1676-1729  
     m. Mary Kennon
4. Elizabeth Bolling 1709-?     
     m. Dr. William Gay
5. William Gay                  
     m. Judith Scott
6. Neil B. Gay, MHD 1791-1864 
     m. "Patsy" Talley 1795-1864
7. Neil B. Gay, Jr. MD 1827-1906 
     m. Mary Bunn 1834-1921
8. William Gay 1858-1921 
     m. Georgie Lee Perkins
9. Constance Gay 1895-1985 
     m. Richard T. Morenus 1893-1975
10. Richard C. Morenus 1929-
     m. Marjorie Rutherford 1925-
11. David Morenus 1957-
     m. Linda Stiber 1956-

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     m. Elsgen
1. Joseph Rogers 1607-1678 
     m. Hannah
2. Hannah Rogers 1652-? 
     m. Jonathan Higgins 1637-?
3. Elizabeth Higgins 1680-1721 
     m. Thomas Mayo Jr. 1678-1769
4. Mercy Mayo 1719-?
     m. Elkanah Young 1711-?
5. Elkanah Young Jr. 1747-1835 
     m. Mary Lewis 1756-1825
6. Solomon Young 1785-1849 
     m. Sarah Lord 1789-1869
7. Amanda Dutton Young 1827-1915
     m. Richard Hastings 1818-1863
8. Lyndon A. Hatings 1854-1942
     m. “Kate” Hindle 1851-1925
9. Lyndona Hastings 1891-1989
     m. Carl Rutherford 1890-1978
10. Marjorie Rutherford 1925-
     m. Richard C. Morenus 1929-
11. David Morenus 1957-
     m. Linda Stiber 1956-

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